Being Cybersmart as an educator integrating ICTs in the classroom

This week I completed the online cybersmart professional development for educators. Cybersmart was a great website to work through important modules related to ICTs and the dangers in our world today. I learnt about what may be an innocent webstite can contain harmful virus or worse have a cyber preditor waiting for an innocent person to make a mistake and create issues for this person. As an educator this made me aware of cyber issues I previously knew about that can occur but it also provided new issues and important stategies to deal with particular ICT related situations in a classroom.

As the educator in a classroom the teacher should demonstate to the students how it is important to always be aware of what they may be doing using ICT technologies or what websites/blogs/social networking pages they open that can have a negative reaction. In terms of incidents which may be a danger for a student immediatly speaking with the teacher, parent or carer to help resolve the situation is the best possible thing to do. If students are worried about what is happenning through the internet and feel the are being bullied this cybersmart website provides great ways to assist and stop it from occuring.

I am currently having difficulty linking with the cybersmart website, however in my next post I will provide a link to the web page and my completed certificate to view.

In conclusion, cybersmart is a great educational program to read and learn about dangers through the ICT world.

Kahla 🙂


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